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* Our organization is proud to be an "America Supports You" Team Member *

* Our effort was mentioned by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld in his press conference on April 21, 2003 *

Many thousands of requests for the fostering of pets have come in from members of our armed forces, National Guard and Reservists, that are being called to active duty as a result of the War on Terror, including the deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our foster volunteers are proud to have provided so many caring cat foster homes and for making it possible for there to be many very happy reunions, and many have continued to foster for other military pets.

While many animal shelters and rescues reported some increased numbers due to the call up, the increase has been far less than expected, especially when compared to the animal disaster that occurred with Desert Storm. The need still continues to be great, and this need will continue to some degree as long as we have an active military.

This exercise is good for the heart

Foster: to give temporary nurture, care and shelter
   Home: individual or family's dwelling - also see, "where the heart is"

Some people assume that there is little need for more foster volunteers to sign up. Actually, troops will likely be stationed abroad a long while and the military continues to deploy to replace those returning home. Even after the War on Terror is over, there will always be a need for such military pet foster programs as military are deployed abroad even in peacetime, sometimes with little or no notice, as seen with many relationships.

Many in the military and paramilitary have pets and many do hope to have their pets returned to them when they come home for how to get an ex boyfriend back.  So there will be a continued demand for foster homes all across the United States. If enough foster homes aren't available, our service men and women may have no choice but to take their beloved pets to local shelters, many of which which are already overflowing as seen in the aquaponics PDF.

Do you know anyone who can  find room in their heart and homes to foster a cat for the military? Purebred, or domestic? If so, please sign up! If you are considering fostering for a military cat and have any questions, we do offer an FAQ which answers the most commonly asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question there, or if you need to change your listing in our database, please feel free to contact us.

Operation Noble Foster is coordinating the cat foster for military pets using a private interactive, searchable database listing homes volunteering to foster and rescues with such foster homes available. If a military person has the need for a long term foster for their pet, please contact us so we can direct you to the database, provide the required ID and Password to view the database, and help advise you on arrangements and screening.

America Supports You Team Member, NetPets.Org MilitaryPetsFoster provides individual foster homes for the other (non-cat) pets of military and para-military personnel that will be going overseas during these trying times. To offer to foster a dog, bird, ferret, reptile or pot belly pig, please sign up here.


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