The important information below pertains only to fosters for your cats. If you are looking for a foster for a dog or bird, click here.

We hope to help support your efforts and sacrifice by providing some options for in home foster placement of your cat or cats during the time you are called up and unable to be with your pet. Please be aware that these offers of fosters have not been screened, but we've asked them to provide pertinent screening information to facilitate your finding a good home for your cat while you are gone. Operation Noble Foster is offering this service at no charge.

You will find that we have asked the potential fosterers to provide a lot of information so you can assess the quality of the home and any risk to your animal. For instance, generally people who live in homes they own are less likely to have problems arise from needing to relocate with pets than those who live in apartments, so we ask about that.

We suggest you obtain verification of identity and place of employment.. If you have any question at all in your mind or heart about how good a home is offered, you can
ask for more references or, if there is time, ask to visit the home. It is strongly advised you give preference, if there is a choice, to fosterers working with an established rescue and they have backup and have been screened by experts. Rescues with fosterers are listing on the database. You can find them when you search by state  by looking under "Number of years of experience" as they have been told to put RESCUE or the name of their rescue in that field. Please feel free to contact us to help with screening a home if you are concerned at all about the information offered. We will help in any way we can and may be able to use our contacts with rescuers nationwide to arrange for a rescuer to do a home visit to the foster home (and report to you) if there the time.

strongly recommend that you contact the veterinarian whose reference potential fosterers have been asked to list and obtain their recommendation for the foster home. You may want to also arrange with the veterinarian (or your own veterinarian) to pay them directly for any necessary services that your cat may require at that time - many may be willing to bill your or charge to your credit card, and some may well choose to help support the military by offering services at reduced rates.

If your animal is not neutered or spayed, we strongly recommend that you either get it done prior to placement or agree to the foster having it done at your expense soon after the cat is brought to them. It's the responsible thing to do when it comes to owning a pet cat. We also provide a list of low cost spay and neuter resources.

You will need to discuss financial arrangements for the cat with the person offering foster. We do offer a contract for your use to spell these and other issues out in order to help prevent misunderstandings or surprises down the road. The majority of the people offering these foster placements are good hearted and patriotic people who want to support all of you in our military and our government and so, in this time of need , they are offering to help you to be able to return to your cat rather than being forced to place them in a shelter. However, not all people may be honest. and you do need to have pertinent information to choose and to be careful in your selection.

To help assure there are no unmet expectations that may cause problems while you are away and that the "fit" is right between you, your cat, and the foster home, we suggest that you provide a "cat resume" to potential foster homes providing information about your cat.

It is STRONGLY advised you get low cost pet insurance to cover veterinary costs while you are away. Pet Insurance Now has rates that are extremely affordable. Please check their site for details of what they do and do not cover and for their prices.

If you sign up for pet insurance with Pet Insurance Now with your name and credit card information and put your address as "C/O [the name of the fostering person]", with the foster person's address, the foster home will be able to submit veterinary claims on your cat directly for payment. For more information on choosing a pet insurance policy, we suggest you check on

Many people are not aware of the vagaries & needs of specific breeds, so if you have a Purebred cat please do contact us to help with screening the home and arrangements. We have contact with cat fanciers who are expert in one or many breeds and who are offering foster in some areas.

You will see that some rescuers have offered help with transport of your pets to family or foster homes in our database. They will show RESCUE TRANSPORT in the space for "years of experience".  Do check their credentials before arranging transport. Recognized 501(c)3 organizations are preferred. Those offering transport who own registered Catteries in any major association (CFA, TICA, ACFA, CFF)  are also very experienced in dealing with any emergency that may arise during transport. Many people are looking for ways to help you in any way possible, but not all people are honest or can be trusted, so do screen transporters well as you would screen fosterers. If you need transport where none is offered. please feel free to contact us and we will contact the transport lists and attempt to arrange a transport in time.

To obtain the I.D. and password necessary to search our database of foster volunteers, you will need to contact us. If fosters cannot be arranged though searching our database or none is available in close proximity to you, or if you have questions, want advice, or need help with screening fosters, please do contact us and tell us where the cat is located (City, State). If you have a purebred cat, please be sure to tell us that your cat is purebred and include the name of the breed. We will put you in touch with fosters expert in dealing with that breed and/or with purebred rescues who may be able to arrange foster or otherwise take the cat into a home environment. We're always happy to advise if we can.


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